Preferred Greeting Script

“Beagle Watch armed response My name is …… Do you have an emergency ? “.

If Not
How may I assist you

Scenario Suspect on site 

If yes
Obtain the address and determine the nature of the emergency.

1. Please state your address
Repeat the address out loud and create the phone in.


If the customer is in a panic state you can search the number that is displaying on your phone screen, using the advance search option on Listener.
When the profile pops up to verify the address out loud and create a signal.

Inform the customer that you will be staying online until the response officers have arrived.
“Sir/Mam don’t hang up, Help is on the way”

Obtain valuable information like
1. How many people are inside the house with you?
2. Where are you located in the house?
3. Where did you see the suspect and how long ago?
4. How many suspects did you see?
5. Did you see any clothing items that the responding officers can identify?

Note all answers in Listener message pad.

Advice the customer how far the officer is. Use RXGIS to track the officer yourself if necessary.
“Sir/Mam my dispatcher just advised me that the response officer is one minute away from your premises when they arrive please do not go out or move to the windows. The response officers will knock on the front door once they have conducted their search of the premises. I will stay online until the officer is talking to you”

Stay online with the client until the response officer is talking to the client.


When the response officer has provided feedback to the control room please call the customer back with the relevant information.
“Good Evening, Afternoon, Morning. I am ….. calling from Beagle Watch armed response calling you back with the feedback obtained from our responding team” Proceeding in giving the client the feedback.

1. If all was found in order : Please ensure that you obtain the password from the customer to ensure that all is in order with the customer inside the house.

2. If the customer gives an incorrect password this is a indication that the suspect is now inside the house. Thank the customer and hang up the phone and escalate the situation back to the dispatchers to take the necessary steps.

If a suspect was found on site:
1. Inform the customer that SAPS has already been phoned and the response officer will stay on site until the SAPS members has arrived.


“Thank you for calling Beagle Watch in your time of need. Can I offer you anymore assistance. “
If Positive incident
Victim support
Calling of a family member
Technical assistance
Lock smith

If the customer doesn’t require any further assistance you can thank the customer and end the call.

If the customer does request any of the assistance advice the customer that you will be contacting the relevant people and make the necessary arrangements

Follow up call

When calling the customer back with the request of assistance you will need the following information to provide the customer

1. Name and estimated time of arrival.

“Good Evening, Afternoon, Morning. I am ….. calling from Beagle Watch armed response calling you back to inform you that we have contacted our standby Technician Paul who is already on his way to your premises and will arrive within 10 minutes”