Dealing with clients:

a. Dealing with clients is one of the most important functions of a control room operator.
b. We are the first point of contact with our clients and all communications must be handled most professionally and efficiently
c. Always be helpful and be Courteous
d. If uncertain, rather escalate the call to the Incident/Shift Manager on duty.
e. Always try to exceed the client’s expectations.
f. Be diplomatic and listen attentively to the client.
g. Client Complaint:

  •  If the client request to speak to someone specific and the person is not available refer to the next inline command.
  • Ensure every client complaint is captured on the Shift Report.
  • Ensure every Control Room complaint is fully investigated as per the stipulated procedure.
  • Ensure all facts are obtained- remain objective and preserve integrity at all times.
  • Remember rather under promise and over deliver than over promise and under deliver.
  • It is vital that you do whatever is necessary to ensure excellent service to our clients at all times.